Friday, August 21, 2015


We were unable to attend our local missions opportunity S'mores 'n Chores due to issues with the camper, so we decided to smores and chores in our own backyard.  The kids thought this was a super cool idea and had lots of fun!  During the day we did our chores - picking veggies from the garden, cleaning them up, gathering fire wood, and cleaning off the patio.

For supper we roasted hot dogs and sausages over the fire and then made s'mores for dessert.  Cate had her very first s'more (w/o chocolate) and loved it!  That evening Troy and the kids played flashlight tag and looked at the sky through the telescope.  We capped off the evening by sleeping in the camper, which was parked in the driveway. 

Lots of fun and memory making right in our backyard!

My s'more fell apart!

It's County Fair Time!

Last week we went to the neighboring county fair since we were going to be gone on a local missions opportunity during our county's fair.  It was 90 degrees that day and sunny - although there was a decent breeze and the kids had fun.  Just to note, we'll be sticking with our county's fair from now on.  This fair had very few animals & 4-H displays - which is the main reason we go.  The kiddie rides were decent, no bounce house which the kids were really looking forward to, but a good variety.  But the cost is 3x what we're used to.  At our county fair you pay for parking and that's it.  This fair you not only had to pay for parking, but you had to pay an entrance fee as well - $8/adult and $3/child.  For a family of 5, that adds up quickly! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Harvest Time

Our garden is finally in full production mode.  Last night we enjoyed sauteed beet tops, marinated cucumbers, and a veggie tray of sliced cukes, kohlrabi and green beans.  All from our garden.  We'll have tomatoes soon along with carrots, onions, potatoes, squash, pumpkin and watermelon.  Our peas didn't turn out this year, and our lettuce season is done, but we are enjoying all the delicious home grown goodies! 

my sassy girl - banana stickers on her head and a green bean sticking out of her mouth.

Fire at the Chief's house

There are some perks to being the town's Fire Chief, like having a live burn exercise to get rid of your brush pile.  The kids had a lot of fun watching the firefighters keep control of the burn.  And they especially enjoyed the leftover ice cream treats daddy bought for the firefighters. 


Troy bought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers for all the work I put into VBS this year.  They are so beautiful and they are still in full bloom today! (Aug 15th) Now that's a quality flower! 

Everest VBS

Last month the kids did a week long VBS at our local church with the theme of Everest.  It was super fun for the whole family, I was a volunteer crew member in charge of the Imagination Station where we did a cool science experiment and craft each day. 


Neglected Blog

Yes, this year's posts have been few and far between.  In the age of digital apps and media I find I'm doing most of my updates on Facebook vs. the blog.  Also, one of the main uses of this blog was to keep my dad updated on the kids and our life since he didn't have Facebook or a cell phone with which to receive pictures, etc.  He's been gone now for 2 years and I wonder how many people still look at this blog or if they just look at my Facebook page.