Sunday, January 31, 2016

Little Fashionistas

Fun with hats and scarves...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Catriana is 2

Our "baby" turned 2 today!  She may have arrived in a blizzard, but celebrated her 2nd birthday with a beautiful 40 degree winter day. 

We had a Hello Kitty cake for our "kitty" as Grandma Koney calls her.  Then we opened presents and had a sloppy joe supper. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

DIY Aveda Spa Essential Oil Room Spray

I've been doing different room sprays lately using my essential oils instead of using store bought.  This is one I mixed up tonight and it's absolutely divine

1 oz alcohol (2 T) - I use rubbing alcohol, although you could use vodka if available.
8 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops peppermint essential oil
6 drops rosemary essential oil

Pour rubbing alcohol into 8 oz spray bottle.  add your oils and shake to mix.  Add 1 C. cold water.  shake to mix.  You're all set! 

I use Young Living essential oils - you want high grade oils.  This mixture smells just like you're stepping into an Aveda salon!  I've always loved the smell of Aveda spas/salons. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving we made Thankful Pumpkins.  I saw the craft kit in a magazine and said, "I can do that" 

We used 2 paper plates for each pumpkin.  Then we painted them with washable orange tempera paint from Crayola.  Once dried, we glued the plates together with elmer's school glue.  Finally we cut our stems and leaves out of construction paper and glued those on.  The pumpkins are stuffed with "pumpkin seeds" made out of manila card stock.  Each child drew/wrote what they are thankful for on the seeds, then stuffed them into their pumpkins. 

This year Bella is thankful for Jesus, life, mommy, daddy, Cate, William, food, clothes, tv

This year William is thankful for Jesus, family, animals, food, clothes, house, toys, a new playset, snow
Troy has to work today, so we will be having our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow with the Brooks family at their new home.  Tonight is a new tradition... pizza! 

Indian Vests

More fun turkey crafts for school.  This week was a special week all about the history of Thanksgiving and Bible verses about being thankful. One of our activities was to make Indian vests.  It's really great that both kids can follow along the same curriculum this week despite being in different grade levels.

Thanksgiving Activities

 Bella working on her sparkle sticker turkey craft

Woven placemats for Thanksgiving as a part of our homeschool curriculum


 Bella finished up a unit on dinosaurs and got to make a clay model after looking at an illustration.  We love the Charlotte Mason approach to schooling!