Friday, September 5, 2014

9 Month Stats

Catriana had her 9  month check up today.  She was super-smiley and clapped through the whole appointment.  She didn't even grimace or utter a cry when she got her shot and blood drawn. 

Height   27.5"           39%
Weight  18lb 15oz    46%
Head    17.5"          59%

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9 Months Old!

Catriana is 9 months today!  She is scooting around like crazy on her bum and back; often times getting herself stuck under a chair or table.  She is more smiley than ever and expresses her wants by uttering a super loud gutteral screech. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of School

The nice thing about homeschooling is you can have school whenever you want and take holidays whenever you want.  So, considering it's a Monday and it's September, we're starting our school day today!

The "I want to be..." totally captures their personalities.  Bella is my fun-loving, silly, zany, outgoing middle child.  Whereas William is my serious, calm, sensitive, empathetic first child. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Day on the Boat

Yesterday, we headed down to my parent's boat on the St. Croix River and spent the day visiting with my cousin Kristy, from California, as we took a little cruise and swim and enjoyed the hot summer day.  It was a short visit with her, but so good to see her after so many years.  William is almost 6 and this is the first time she's seen any of my kids.  Then, much the kids' delight, we got to stay overnight on the boat! 

so much fun cruising on the boat!

Coming up to the Stillwater lift bridge

Kristy and Bella

my cousin Kristy, Bella and my uncle Melvin

me & Catriana

All snuggled in and ready for bed on the boat!

just finishing up breakfast and packing, on the boat

Sunday, August 17, 2014

County Fair

Mid-August in northern MN means fair time!  This year we took Cate for her introduction to the animals, sights and sounds of her first county fair.  She enjoyed watching the big kids on the rides and meeting all sorts of new animals. 


2 of our cats had kittens - here is the one momma and some of her litter of 7.  We can't keep all of them, but they sure are cute!  And the kids play with them at least a couple hours a day.  They've named a few of them - mr. tickles, bella, and wendy.  

Spinach Harvest

Our first harvest from the garden.  4 gallon bags worth of spinach.  We ate some right away and froze the rest.